Here at Work It Well our purpose is to make a difference. We strive to be a pillar of support for our clients and their people by offering a different, straight talking approach to wellbeing & mental health in the workplace. Get rid of the stigma,  and replace with inclusion & support


Making the process simple , totally bespoke to your business and making the learning fun, this is imperative when it comes to retaining your best talent, and reducing absenteeism and presenteeism .


Dedicated to helping people to feel motivated in reaching their goals and find clarity in their lives. Our mission is to create an environment of growth and celebration at work by providing bespoke coaching programs, dynamic workshops and impactful training that will equip individuals with the tools they need to succeed. Together, we can make a positive difference to the world by empowering people from all walks of life.


In order for people to perform at their best they must feel at their best, so make that heavy feel light, support in the right way and watch the increase in productivity.

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Our founder is a tough cookie, she is somebody that has experienced, adversity, faced many challenges but has the upmost resilience to show for it.

Straight talking and radiates positive energy.

A qualified accountant, a fitness instructor, motivational speaker, accredited coach, mum of 3 , business owner and most importantly a pretty bad ass woman.

This business was not one that was set up lightly, this business was incorporated to make a difference, it was a business that had a purpose, filled with positive intentions and one that is going to make BIG changes.




From a young age Kirsty has faced many challenges, and yet still shines bright, her secret ? Resilience mixed with lots of passion, integrity, accountability, growth and a whole load of self belief.

Things are sent to test us in life but we decide how/if they impact us 

After transitioning from her finance career that has been apart of her life for nearly 20 years , she decided to follow her heart and set up a business that was going to make a difference, especially in the workplace.

To give back and support others is far more rewarding, and being able to deliver a message in a different way so that it makes maximum impact is what makes it all worth it .

Not only does she bring the energy, but she brings knowledge,  experience and valuable tools when it comes to mental health, wellbeing and performance in the workplace.

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Be unapologetically you.

The number one unwritten value we follow at Work It Well!  There is nobody like you, nobody that thinks, feels and behaves like you so we encourage others to never apologise for that.

Instead we encourage respect , we equip with tools to build resilience, accountability becomes your friend, your motivation encourages you to take action and this results in a growth in your personal development.

Your performance is a result of your wellbeing, it is our mission to ensure your people  feel at their best in order to perform at their best, bespoke, impactful and supported every step of the way.


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