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121 Coaching

121 coaching in the workplace is a type of one-to-one support provided by an experienced coach for employees. It offers personal, tailored guidance and advice on a variety of topics such as career development, problem solving or dealing with difficult situations. Designed to empower employees to reach their goals and achieve success, by providing them with individual assistance in achieving their objectives.

Work it well provide a safe and confidential environment for discussing issues that may be holding individuals back from reaching their potential, enabling them to take ownership of their own development. We help individuals build confidence & resilience.

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Group Coaching

Group coaching in the workplace is a type of collaborative learning, where employees come together to discuss development topics and share experiences.  Our coaches provide a space for open dialogue between colleagues to build relationships and create a culture that encourages growth and trust.

Benefits of group coaching include increased motivation, improved communication skills and better problem-solving skills. Our experienced coaches will facilitate group sessions, allowing individuals to learn from each other through constructive dialogue and brainstorming which can further enhance productivity.

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